Michigan "Home" Lower Peninsula

Michigan "Home" Lower Peninsula

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**PLEASE be sure to read each description above the color photos so you understand how to build your kit correctly. There are a lot of elements to this kit, so we want to be sure that you get exactly what you want!**

Beautiful and unique decor for your home! DIY string art kit includes:

• 8x10 inch ($25) or 12x16 inch ($30) wood board (your choice)

• Chip brush & rag

• String art design template

• "Home" adhesive stencil

• Step-by-step instruction sheet

Plus items below that you will need to customize to your preference.

Items needed from home include: 

• Hammer

• Needlenose pliers (recommended)

Options in the example photo include: background #24 as a thin paint-stain, Peacock and Burgundy string colors, Silver nails, and #15 paint color for lettering. 

Photos below are to reference color options for all elements of the kit. You may fill in your customized options near the bottom of the page (below all the photos). 

Choose 1 Stain Color for background (optional) or you can choose a paint color.

Choose up to two Paint Colors (one for lettering) and one for optional background color if you don't choose a stain.

Choose up to 3 String Colors (Please indicate which color is for what part of the design so we know how much to give you!)

Choose 1 Nail Color