Partner With Us

At this time, Inspired Parties is purely a mobile business. Meaning, we partner with other local businesses with physical locations and bring the party to you! What’s the benefit of partnering with us and hosting a paint party? Great question! Here are just a few examples:

• Reach out to new customers

• Promote a new product or product special

• Increase business traffic during and around the the date of the event

Basically, with each event we put on and partner with a local business, it brings traffic to that business’s Facebook page, website, and even store front.

Let’s Plan a Date!

We want to partner with you…please don’t hesitate to be in touch with us if you have any questions or if you’re ready to book a date! We can plan something over email, Facebook, phone, or face-to-face (face-to-face is always preferred so that we can meet in person and start to establish a real partnership!) We recommend booking at least a month in advance of the desired event date to allow plenty of time for promotion and planning.

Facebook Marketing

All of our events are posted on Facebook. That means that anyone who RSVPs , likes, comments, or shares the event will also be making it aware to their Facebook friends. Most of our events have great response in a very short amount of time. We also send a co-host request on the event to your business, so that it shows as an event on your business page as well.

Ticket Sales

Inspired Parties handles all the ticket sales! We use a platform called Eventbrite, which is one of the most widely know websites that allows event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events and publish them to social media sites such as Facebook.

We do give hosting businesses an option to also sell tickets at their location. This can be a benefit to prospecting attendees because it saves them a couple bucks on the Eventbrite fees (Eventbrite charges a small fee for each ticket sale that gets passed on to the customer…similar to a credit card fee that businesses get charged.) It’s also another way to advertise the event. We can provide an event flyer to be posted at your business, so your customers can see what’s happening, and then purchase their tickets while they’re there! The only thing that we request if you do decide to sell tickets at your store, is to keep us updated on sales so that we don’t over-sell tickets (although that would be a good problem to have!)

Set up and Clean up

Don’t stress, we handle all the set up and clean up! We arrive about a half hour to an hour before the event (depending on the number of guests) to set up and get ready for the event. We provide table paper to protect from any messes that might occur. If your flooring is carpeted, we can provide plastic to cover that as well. We may need to move tables and chairs around for the ideal painting party seating arrangement…we promise to move them back after the class! After the event, we take care of all the clean up. We always leave the used space cleaner than it was when we arrived!

During the Event

While the event is happening, we do everything we can to help promote your business! Whether that is pushing a sale or new product that you have, or encouraging guests to come back again, we want to make the event successful for you, too! Many businesses that we partner with offer a special deal or discount only for the event guests as a way to push sales.  You could also come up with some sort of coupon to give to each attendee to use when they return, such as half off an appetizer, a free drink, etc…it’s up to you to decide if and what you want to offer, although we are happy to offer suggestions and ideas!